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 Write on SEVEN films; that is to say, two of your essays will deal with two films each, and one essay will deal with three films. 550 words for each Question The Questions 1 Discuss the role of the soundtrack and its relation to surveillance in 2-3 films. Is the audio element in surveillance cinema underprivileged in relation to the visual, or does it (at times) take on a privileged status? 2 What is the role of gender in surveillance cinema? Is the surveillant gaze implicitly coded as male, along the lines of the ″male gaze″ in feminist critiques of cinematic voyeurism? Or are there other possibilities for the gendering (or non-gendering) of the surveillant gaze? Discuss in relation to 2-3 films. 3. Are all people surveilled equally? How do factors like race and/or class affect the distribution of surveillance in a given society? Discuss in relation to 2-3 films. The films 1 Fritz Lang, M (1931), 110 mins 2Michael Powell, Peeping Tom (1960), 101 mins 3 Michael Klier, The Giant (1983), 82 mins 4Christian Petzold, Barbara (2012), 105 mins 5: Mamoru Oshii, Ghost in the Shell (1996), 83 mins 6:Alex Garland, Ex Machina (2015), 108 mins 7 Leo Gabriadze, Unfriended (2014), 83 mins