Treatment of sexual abuse select three issues that are related to


Treatment of Sexual Abuse

Select three issues that are related to the treatment of sexual abuse and that are most important to you or your professional career. The focus could be victims, abusers, programs, or levels of intervention. Explain your choices. Then identify one research article that could help you address one of the issues. The Internet sources listed in the Resources of this discussion include many links to the most current scholarly research.


Identify four resources in your local area related to the treatment of sexual abuse. This discussion question requires you to use nonacademic resources. The goal is to help you identify referral resources. Describe each resource in a paragraph, including but not limited to any or all of the following information: the primary population the agency serves, how clients pay for services, the intake process, and any other relevant resources.


Discuss three types of attitudes within a culture or an individual that might foster or reinforce rape behavior. Then identify and explain one external research article that could help you confront these attitudes. Summarize the article in this discussion post. Include your evaluation of the article and recommendations based on the article. Remember to support your post by incorporating the assigned resources into your response.

Hello, please make sure the answers that are provided are given based on a clincial counseling point of view. This is for Human Sexality pscyhology class
Also there can be no direct quotes everything must be in your own words