Sociological theories and criminal subcultures correlation


Final Paper Your final paper assignment is to write an essay using the sociological theories you learned in class to analyze various types of criminal subcultures. You are to pick 2 different theories from the following list: Atavism, Strain Theory/Opportunity Structures, Social Disorganization, Subcultural Theory, Differential Association, Neutralization, Control Theory, Marxist Theory, Anarchist Theory, and Cultural Criminology. For each of the two theories you choose, you are to use SPECIFIC examples to analyze each theory from the in-class lectures, documentaries, and applicable readings from the course. 

The 2 criminal subcultures that you are to respond to are: gangs, graffiti, drugs, prostitution, organized crime, and white-collar crime. For each example you use, you must discuss why the theory you matched it with does or does not explain the examples you use from the criminal subculture list. Specifically, you are expected to discuss the theories that you think explain the criminal subcultures you chose. 

Please DO NOT summarize the entire content of the theories, readings, or documentaries any more than is necessary to make your points. Because of the course’s time constraints, you DO NOT need to provide proper citations. Although I will not grade you papers on spelling or grammar, please be mindful of your sentence structure (use spellcheck). Your papers will be graded on the content and insight of your analysis. Please be advised that if your paper is unintelligible or incoherent it will not be accepted, and you will fail the assignment. If you fail to use the required 2 theories, your paper will not be accepted, and you will fail the assignment. Please abide by the following format guidelines: 1200-word minimum (approximately 4-5 pages double-spaced) 12-point font in a legible text (e.g., Times New Roman) Page numbers for every page Do NOT include a cover page, my name, nor the date Your heading should include: your name, the course name and number, and the time the course regularly meets This is from my professor. I′ve added some files for you to read for the paper. If you need anything else, let me know.