Short answers about karl popper, hobbes, and plato

Answer the following questions in a clear and organized paragraph.  Each paragraph should include a clear and precise thesis (1-2 sentences) that directly addresses the question prompt, at least 1 direct quote from the materials of the course, and at least 5-7 sentences or more that analyze the direct quotes and explain how the evidence supports your thesis.  1.  Explain Karl Popper’s accusation that Plato’s political philosophy is a form of totalitarianism.  2.  Briefly explain why Hobbes believes human beings naturally avoid living in the state of nature.  Each question is worth 25 points:  Thesis (5 points): One or two sentences that directly answer the short-answer question.  This is your thesis.  Quote(s) from course material (5 points): Give a least one direct quote from the course material that proves your thesis.  Evidence (15 points): Analyzing the direct quote(s) and explain how the evidence supports your thesis.