Reflection on digital learning platform active research recently

# Critical reflection on your experience of undertaking a major project and how your learning might inform your future practice professionally. # Reflection on the development of your entrepreneurial competency skills, providing evidence to support assertions made. # What next – to continue to develop your personal and organizational entrepreneurship?

The objective of the reflections chapter is to:  Critically reflect on the process of undertaking this action research project Consider what went well, sharing rationale Identifying what didn’t go so well and why – suggesting what might have been done differently Identifying generic learning (e.g. project management, communication) and more specific learning (e.g. undertaking primary research) Identifying transferable learning relevant to current professional practice.    Note that in your oral presentations, you should commence them in the first instance with a synopsis of your project objectives, rationale for selection of these and provide a summary of your project outcomes.

I have attached the work that I recently completed which was an Active Study on CREATING A DIGITAL LEARNING PLATFORM FOR SCIENTISTS.