Professional chef for 12 years. have a strong interest in food


professional Chef for 12 years. Have a strong interest in food science but minimal course work ie. 1 biology and anatomy and physiology.

Although have read books of food science like the China Study.

33 yrs old and went back to school to get my bachelors in Management. Just finished, now applying to grad school.

Worked doing chef demos in farmers market, yoga studios and am a huge advocate of healthy eating and plant based diets

hello. This is for a grad school application. My number one choice of schools too. It’s for a MS in agriculture, food science.

I have a hard time convincing people through text so I needed help.

It’s a statement of purpose to attend the school so its important to emphasize that I am chef, currently manage 85 plus student employees at a University restaurant, have read some books that go into food science like the China study and furthermore that I’ve brushed up on some chemistry with Khan acamdemy because I’m so adamant about being in a program like this one

state my age-33 and maybe talk about how difficult it is to manage a restaurant and find the time to continue to pursue something I love and educate myself on the subject when class wasn’t an option.