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Record and submit a narrated PowerPoint presentation to share your analysis and recommendations for the proposed acquisitions. Use your data and analysis, along with feedback received from the milestone assignments, to complete your presentation. Note: Remember to use both on-screen text and narration in your PowerPoint slides to convey your information effectively. For example, you can use brief bulleted lists on the slide and include detailed explanations in your narration. A resource is provided under Supporting Materials to help you record your presentation. If you are unable to submit a presentation with narration, be sure to include detailed speaker notes with your submission.

  1. Overview
    1. Situation Analysis of TransGlobal Airlines (parent company). Use the information from the Supporting Materials section to highlight the parent company’s current business environment.
      1. Internal environment: culture, leadership, internal processes, human resources, operations, and financial performance
      2. External environment: competitive, market, regulatory, customers, suppliers, and other relevant stakeholders
    2. Acquisition Rationale: Explain why your company is planning to acquire these airlines. What strategic objectives will the acquisition meet? How might the acquisition support the bigger picture goals of TransGlobal?
    3. Proposed Acquisitions: Using the resources provided in the Supporting Materials section, provide an overview of the two companies under consideration to be acquired. Include the following information for each company:
      1. Location, size, and age of the firm
      2. Customer segment and target market
      3. Major competitors
      4. Company leadership
      5. Current financial and market status