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DOE Consulting is an IT Consulting Company, result of the merger of seven little IT consulting companies located in different countries of Europe. With the merger, the resulting company has an annual revenue figure of 65 M€, a staff of 350 people. The activities of the company will be developed throughout three separate locations (Germany, France, and Spain), with the headquarters located in Paris (France).

After the creation of the consolidated company, the recent named Board of Directors have identified as a critical need the definition and implementation of the new Information Systems. Due to the nature of the business of the company (B2B services), about the 60% of the employees make their work in the facilities of the customer, but they need to connect to the IS of DOE Consulting to introduce, collect, and share data and information with other colleagues. They generate about a 78% of non-structured data, and a 22% of structured data.

Considering the company as a whole, you must identify which Information Systems you recommend to implement, which function will have each of these Information Systems, where will be the data located and in which form, which is the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your proposal, and any additional aspect you consider relevant from an IS point of view.

As a final conclusion, your proposal must clarify the value that it brings to the business.

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