) make sure you have carefully read chapters 4 & 5 in the attached


) Make sure you have carefully read Chapters 4 & 5 in the attached file

2) Begin by reading the following scenario:

Two health care organizations have recently merged. The parent organization is a large medical clinic that is HIPAA compliant. The clinic recently acquired a remote medical clinic that provides a specialty service. The remote clinic is organized in a flat structure, but the parent organization is organized in a hierarchical structure with many departments and medical clinics. These organizations are in the process of aligning their operations. You are asked to make major refinements to the organization’s cell phone use policy immediately.

3) Research examples of cell phone policies and implementation. Write a report citing examples of at least three successful cell phone policy implementations found in your research. Indicate how you would analyze your organization, and then how you would identify and finalize a cell phone use policy for the organization. In addition, provide a rationale as to what types of business challenges would be overcome or enhanced.

Submission Requirements

  • Format: Use Microsoft Word to compile your report. Please name your file in the following format: lastname_firstname_LabPaper1.docx
  • Font: Arial or Times New Roman, 12-Point, Double-Space
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Number of Citations: At least 2 (your textbook can count as a resource)
  • Length: 2-3 pages