Literary analysis essay | English homework help


This opening paragraph should include: Hook, Author, Title, Main character (s) you are focusing your literary analysis essay on, A short summary of the novel, and Thesis statement, which is debate-able and narrow in focus, and which  you will argue for in the body of your essay using specific details, descriptions, and most importantly, direct quotations from the text. 

The book name is “Another Brooklyn” 

The chapters are from 1-9 NOT the whole book 

I attached a word document with specific details and information about how to write the essay. And pictures from the chapters that you should read before writing the essay. 

3-4 pages plus works citied 

The essay should have: 

– About 6-8 short (1-2 sentences long), direct textual quotations (note: only one block quote permitted, and then I expect your paper to run to 4 pages).

– Any facts, figure, statistics you use must be quoted and cited.

The opening paragraph is due after 14 hours 

The whole essay is due on Saturday