Law of attraction (you become what you think about)

 Introduce your topic and identify the opposing viewpoints you will be discussing. Provide a brief introduction of your research by identifying brief claims about your topic. Narrow the conflict to at least three issues or points of contention, or factors of argument from which you would like to discuss. Focus your research on those issues and provide a thesis that mediates both positions and summarizes the points on which both sides might agree. Conclude your essay with your point of mediation. Begin by summarizing the key features of both arguments. Make sure to work with clearly stated positions of the groups in opposition. Provide a clear thesis which refers to your point of mediation. Provide an historical overview of your topic comprised from MULTIPLE sources. Introduce and discuss factors of argument used to persuade readers. Identify and clarify any points of contention or consensus. Remember to use topic sentences to introduce issues. You might also consider common rhetorical ploys and logical fallacies used by each side. Develop your own case by addressing each issue with research and analysis as support for your position. Provide a conclusion that identifies and discusses a value, benefit, or consequence associated with your topic. Why is it important to consider the reasons or issues you have discussed? You may want to provide a bit of social commentary about how you envision the opposing groups working together in the future. Or, perhaps discuss the implications of not resolving the dispute and/or the benefits of mutual agreement. Works Cited included as well Please capture important ideas of peole like Bob Proctor who have spent most of their time articulating the law of attraction as a concept to improve one’s thinking and life.