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1st assignment: two pages, describe your current status as a team member (you may use any context: work, school, family, recreation, etc.). Give examples of how you could improve as a team member. State a plan of action for achieving a better status as a leader

2nd assignment: After examining the characteristics of an effective leader, write a two-page description of your own personal leadership profile. What characteristics do you possess that make you a strong leader? What characteristics could you improve upon to become an even stronger leader? Give examples for how you plan to improve your leadership skills.

3rd assignment: In no less than five paragraphs, use your own experience with peer pressure or write a scenario of negative peer pressure and give advice for how you (or the person in the situation) can use refusal skills to defuse the situation. Give at least five different ways for the person to refuse the pressure. 1 PAGE 

4th assignment: Write an essay in which you state your personal rights and responsibilities as a citizen of your community or school. Your paper should be approximately two pages. At the end of your essay, give your definition of citizenship.

5th assignment: Re-examining your personal impact analysis, write a two page Personal Impact Improvement Plan. Think about the tips for how to live an environmentally friendly life and set goals for your own improvement. Be specific and realistic for your life. ATtatchment goes with it

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