Journal article grading rubric 2 1 0 basic mechanics length 3-4


Journal Article Grading   Rubric 





Basic Mechanics 

Length 3-4 paragraphs.   Reference, and article or URL given. Technical terminology and formalism are   used correctly. 

Somewhat too long or short.   Reference or article/URL given. Small number of errors in terminology or   formalism. 

Much too long or short. No   reference or article given. Terminology, formalism frequently misused. 


Understanding of article 

Chosen point identified and   clearly explained. Factually correct as report of chosen aspect of article.   Explains chosen point; goes beyond merely paraphrasing or quoting. Class   knowledge used correctly where appropriate. 

Chosen point identified, but   explanation not fully clear. Minor errors in report of authors’ meaning.   Chosen point paraphrased in student’s own words, but very close to original.   Minor misunderstandings related to class knowledge. 

No point identified, or   explanation very unclear. Major errors in report of authors’ meaning. Relies   on quotations or superficial paraphrase; little evidence of understanding.   Major problems from not applying class knowledge. 


Active and critical thinking;   argumentation 

Goes beyond summary; includes   critique, connects to other data or ideas. Tight focus on main point. Report   is well organized; paragraphs and overall discussion is focused, coherent.   Examples, data used appropriately. 

Shows understanding of   relevant issues, but contributes no substantial original points. Focus is   somewhat loose. Some organization, but relationships between ideas not always   clear. Crucial examples, data not always given. 

Critical discussion missing,   or shows serious misunderstanding of article. No clear focus. Structure of   discussion has no clear organization. Examples used, but not connected to   discussion. 



Clear articulate writing   used. One or two minor edits needed to be a perfect paper! Keep up the   great work 

Edits needed. Proof reading   will help you. Read aloud to yourself and or ask others to read it out loud   to you. 

Turns in something. Not   college level work at all. Get help at the writing center. 


Your Thoughts 

Articulates your thoughts on   the article in a clear manner. Discusses what you learned from reading the   article or ideas you might use in the future. 

Brief mention of thoughts,   but did not elaborate. No mention of learning from reading the article. 

Does not write any of your   own thoughts or ideas about what is discussed in the article.