I am looking for at least three pages in length/depth for your overall work (750 words). —————————— Either develop your own promotional campaign for the project or discuss an exist

I am looking for at least three pages in length/depth for your overall work (750 words).


Either develop your own promotional campaign for the project or discuss an existing campaign in detail that meets the following criteria. Please do not use an example from the Discussion section of the course.

1) Choose a product or service that your campaign will be for. Pick something that interests you and come up with a slogan.  Without a slogan, you do not have a campaign.  Your slogan should be the title of your paper.  

2) If the product already exists, you will need to include information as to how your campaign is different than any existing campaign.  Do this by researching how the company currently promotes their products.  Include the full URL’s with the information that you find by citing your sources in your bibliography and citing them in the body of your paper, like this .

     If the product/service is brand new because this is an idea for your own business, you should provide a little background of your idea and explain the need for your product/service.  

3) A successful campaign should have a “big idea,” be executed using integrated marketing communications (IMC), and involve the consumer as a participant.

     A “big idea” is a container that holds everything in place. There are essentially four “big ideas:” (1) A contest, (2) staging an event, (3) “doing good” – having a cause, or (4) telling stories (where the stories involve the customers of the product/service).  A big idea can include more than one of these four points – but it must have at least one.

     Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is where the promotional tools that are used tie back with each other in order to reinforce each other.  For example, when Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all link to each other in communicating a campaign.  The common mention of a campaign slogan serves as a unifier.

     In today’s world, people are constantly using social media with their phones. Marketers often get consumers to respond through social media and participate with a company’s promotion. Positive feedback can provide a company with valuable favorable word of mouth.  This can also lead to repeat sales. However, positive feedback is earned. It cannot be easily manipulated. You won’t say anything good about a product that you don’t actually like.

4) Ultimately, the success of any campaign has more to do with simply a clever idea. It has to do with how well the clever idea is executed. Also, it is not feasible to create “fake” social media accounts simply to do a project.

5) The discussion/participation section to the course contains key materials for your project:


Campaign Slogan (This is the title of your paper) 


Company Background and Values

Segmentation of the Market and Identifying Target Customers

The Campaign’s “Big Idea”

Promotional Tools

Integrated Marketing Communication

Consumer Participation

Building the Brand

Campaign Execution