Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Saving the Business without Losing the Company.

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Saving the Business without Losing the Company. In order to find a new profitable market and cheap resources, the companies are extending their tentacles to different countries. In the process, they have to encounter many issues pertaining to different organizational and local culture. The companies often find it difficult to survive in the alien culture.

With time, the operational activities of organizations have increased and for handling them, companies have segmented their operations into different departments like sales & marketing, general & administrative, finance & cost, research & development, etc. The primary objective of these departments is to help the organizations meet their long term goal. This is known as the cross-functional team where experts from different functional areas work together for a company. A strong cross-functional team is one of the most vital internal strength of a company. On the flip side, companies have to bear huge losses due to the lack of cooperation among these functional departments.

&nbsp.The incident is narrated by Carlos Ghosn, President, and CEO of Nissan. In this case study, he has explained the various reasons for the failure of Nissan, the strategies framed to help it recuperate, and its implementation processes. It will start with a brief description of cross-functional and cross-company teams before discussing the background and issues pertaining to Nissan Motor Company. It will be followed by a discussion on Ghosn’s strategies that helped Nissan to develop cooperation among different departments. The inferred information will be discussed in the concluding section and some relevant recommendations will also be made.

Before discussing the factors that weakened Nissan’s position and its condition during 2000, it will be important to understand the cross-functional and cross-company teams and their importance in ensuring the sustainability of the company. The dynamic business world has lead to the birth of diverse operational activities.

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