Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on What Competition Does Novosco Face in the UK Cloud Technologies. It needs to be at least 2250 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on What Competition Does Novosco Face in the UK Cloud Technologies. It needs to be at least 2250 words. I relied on secondary research, which is available in the computer and IT field. I analyzed and compared different sources as well as the website of the reference business to derive relevant information. My sources are relevant, up-to-date, authoritative, and efficient to address the competition that Novosco faces in the UK cloud technologies, managed service, and consulting market. Findings Novosco Novosco is a company based in Belfast U.K (ULSTER Business 2013, p. 1), which deals with cloud technologies, managed service, and consulting services. The company has been in operation since 1994 and has recorded immense growth and success over the years (Novosco 2013, p. 1). As a result, the company has won major recognition in its operations like the Cisco Datacenter Partner of the Year and EMC Partner of the Year in 2012 based on the volume and caliber of work delivered (Novosco Ltd 2012, p. 21). Moreover, the company has been enjoying consistent and immense economic growth in the technology industry. In fact, Novosco received the Deloitte FAST50 award in 2012 for the 13th consecutive year for being the most successive technology company in revenue growth (Novosco Ltd 2012, p. 21). The company manifests a high level of technical ability where its investment in delivery and support staff (Novosco 2013, p. 1). Indeed, the company accommodates continuous training and certification in its operations with a view of gaining optimum expertise and receiving maximum accreditation on the technologies they recommend to their customers (Novosco 2013, p. 1). Novosco specializes in helping institutions to utilize the unique aspects of emerging technologies for purposes of addressing business challenges in a more efficient and cost-effective manner (Novosco 2013, p. 1). It provides unique consulting talent and technical support to the organization seeking to maximize the advantages of their investment in information technologies. Notably, the company operates under managed service or strategic partnership contracts with its major clients to realize its objectives (Novosco 2013, p. 1). As such, it collaborates with the best hardware and software companies that deal with cloud technologies, managed service, and other technology applications. The company commits itself to offer help to its clients in the evaluation of all potential solutions that enable them to design and deliver cost-effective solutions (Novosco 2013, p. 1). Its main clients include universities, government departments, and UK and Ireland health trusts (Weir 2013, p. 1) with Belfast Health and Social Care Trust being its largest client (Gosling 2012, p. 1). Novosco Competition among Cloud Technologies, Managed Service, and Consulting Companies Novosco is the leading provider of managed services and cloud-based infrastructure in the U.K (Novosco 2013, p. 1). However, the company faces immense competition in different sectors including the winning of contracts. Novosco seeks to enroll its services to the wider market and its directors know that it will face stiff competition from established companies (WEIR 2013, p. 1) like AJUBEO and CDNETWORKS. The competition will be in the field of internet connectivity, the supply of cloud computing, transfer of data, servicing multiple sites among other domains.

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