Grading notes: your original reflection should be at least 2 full


Grading notes:

  • Your original reflection should be at least 2 full pages at the very least.
  • Please include in-text citations as well as a list of full citations used at the end of your original discussion post in APA format (outside resources should be used for this reflection). Postings without needed citations will be graded accordingly.
  • Simple reflections of “I did/did not enjoy this activity…” “I agree/disagree…”, etc. will not be enough to satisfy this assignment.

PART ONE: Professor selected students to lead teams to construct towers out of unconventional building materials. To start the task, the leaders were able to either pick their team members or pick their building materials. Two teams elected to select their team members while all other leaders decided to pick their building materials. Had you been selected as a team captain, what would you have selected–pick your team or your materials? Of the teams present, which do you feel worked best together? What did you take away from participating in this event and how might it influence you as a leader for the future? (use the energizing leadership type)

PART TWO: A couple times now, we’ve discussed the concept of Great Man Theory and being born a leader versus taught to be a leader. There were several layers to this research that was discussed further on Friday. What did you take away from that discussion? Did that lecture provide more insight into your leadership traits and abilities? Do you still feel as if leaders are born or can they be taught? Explain and discuss your thoughts