Franklin and aristotle: quick summary! franklin on virtue and


Franklin and Aristotle: Quick Summary!

Franklin on virtue and happiness: For each of Franklin’s virtues, he can tell you why it contributes to success (ie happiness) in life.

Aristotle on virtue and happiness: Vicious people (Not Aristotle’s example, serial killers, dog-abusers, way-overeater) are not truly reasonable. Only VIRTUOUS people ARE truly reasonable. So only virtuous people satisfy their purpose in life as well as they could, where the purpose is to be reasonable. And since only they satisfy their purpose in life as well as they could, only they could be truly happy.

Puritanism in relation to Aristotle and Franklin: Aristotle was NOT influenced by Puritanism. The Puritans valued hard work, frugality, etc. and those values are also represented on Franklin’s list.

Aristotle’s definition of virtue: A virtue is a disposition to have the right feelings, actions, and thoughts.

Obviously there is a lot more to fill in in order to make sense of all of this, but this is like the bullet-point version of your paper.