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Good Afternoon, Discussion Board 5 questions. Instructions attached-2 pages-300 words to include references. The Native American experience in the United States both resembles and differs from the experience of African Americans. In this essay, you are to do two things. 1. Describe two similarities and two differences in the experiences of the two groups in the United States. 2. Describe three social structural factors that explain the current situation of Native Americans, and show how each of them has affected Native Americans. Make sure that you focus on social structural factors in your analysis. Discussion Board questions 6 instructions attached-2 page 300 words to include references In this week′s course material, we covered Hispanics, in particular, Hispanics coming to the United States from Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cuba. Your mission in this assignment is to apply the concepts of primary and secondary structural assimilation covered earlier in the course to each of these groups. 1. Describe each of these two concepts. 2. Apply both of the concepts to each of the three groups by giving two (2) specific examples for each illustrating the extent to which each group has assimilated in the United States. (6 examples total) 3. Conclude with your evidence-backed assessment as to which of the three groups has been most ″successful″ in assimilating. Support your opinion! *Here′s one reference Healey, J. F., Stepnick, A., & O′Brien, E. (2018). Race, ethnicity, gender, and class: The sociology of group conflict and change (8th ed.). SAGE Publications.