Develop a effective method studying


To develop an effective method for studying the behavior of a young child and to evaluate this method.

You are a pre-kindergarten teacher, and the school year is well underway. A new student, Brita, who is four years old, has joined your class. Brita seems overly shy, even after several weeks. She hasn’t been the cause of any disruption during classroom activities, but she refuses to participate when the class is involved in outdoor playtime activities. On more than one occasion, you have noticed that she doesn’t like to be touched. You aren’t certain whether she just needs more time to adjust or whether conditions in her home environment or an unrecognized a learning disability, maybe the reason for her behavior.

Focus assignment

1. After noting the dates, times, and observed behaviors for several days, describe three methods you could use to help you assess the cause of Brita’s shyness and her refusal to participate during playtime. One of the methods should be an interview with Brita’s parents. Include at least four questions you would ask that would help you in your assessment without alarming the parents or making them feel like they are being accused of any wrongdoing.


1. For each method:
   a. Explain how this method addresses the issues in the scenario.

2. Describe and justify how your approach would improve teaching and learning in the scenario.