Database | Computer Science homework help


You will design a database. List the entities, write the business rules for each relationship between entities and create an ERD. 

Section 1: Database Definition 

  1. State the purpose of the database. 
  2. Define the requirements of the database. Describe who are the users and how the database will be used,

Section 2: Database Design 

This section of the Assignment must include at least 5 tables and should have no more than 10 tables. 

  1. List the entities of your database. 
  2. Present the business rules that determine connectivity, using the format requested for the Unit 2 Assignment. Do not give rules for links to associative entities; simply give the M: N relationship rules and the name of the associative entity you will use for that relationship. Example: Apartment – Tenant. One apartment may currently be occupied by one or more tenants. (many)One tenant may occupy many apartments (but only one at a time).  (many)Apartment M: N Tenant; AE: ApartmentTenant 
  3. Draw the ERD; copy the drawing into your Word project document.
  4. No Plagiarism