Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: The Pony Fish’s Glow and Other Cues to Plan and Purpose in Nature.

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: The Pony Fish’s Glow and Other Cues to Plan and Purpose in Nature. As we have practised farming for thousands of years, the domesticated crops are very different from the wild crops we can find in the wild. We have purposely selected the crops with higher starch content and bigger grain sizes and most importantly, we provided the crops with a very different growing environment (habitat) and I think this contributes to the shaping of the crops too.

I found it very interesting that several arguments presented can be linked to our behaviour, i.e. the establishment and the importance of social status and the question of individual interest. In the book, the author explained that the establishment of social status, especially among males, is essential in sexual selection. The stronger male obtains a larger or better territory through fighting with other males and therefore can reproduce successfully. In modern society, everybody fights for more resources, not by physically engaged with each other, but we compete in schools for higher grades or trying to perform better in jobs. Social status in modern society is majorly gained through having higher income and better jobs. All these can result in better career prospects or higher salary, which can be interpreted as being more resourceful. A more resourceful person can raise their children better (providing better food and education) can make their children more successful and thus their genes are more likely to pass on to the next generation.

In modern society, individual rights and responsibility are the essential elements that keep society in order, but there is a constant struggle between what is the best for ourselves and what is the best for the society. We can maximize our interest if we are allowed to do we can, if this may do harm to the others. Therefore rules are set up to protect everyone’s interest and at the same time, trying to maximize everyone’s chances to succeed. However, I think the line is drawn between the good of the species and to maximize individual interest also depends on the resources available in society.&nbsp.

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