Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: How Herbert Bayer Would Sell O Oprah’s Magazine.

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: How Herbert Bayer Would Sell O Oprah’s Magazine. Successful communications strategies are not all about creativity but the output result of the designs to achieve business goals and exceed expectations.

According to research, graphical designed posters and adverts may be wasted depending on how the design is perceived by individuals. This also contributes to the mass selling of the advert in that it can be interesting or boring to the audience hence gives a negative result to the management. It is therefore advisable for the company or firms interested in designs to have a clear objective on what is to be designed to promote and help in the selling of their to targeted customers. The company should also pay attention to which mass media to be used in reaching the audience and majorly on who is going to perform the advert. it is the management of the firm or outside people of the advertising agencies.

The graphic design uses shapes, mass, lines, colors, and texture as the main elements. These elements help bring out the intended idea of the designer to the clients. Herbert Bayer the well-known graphic designer of the world uses these elements in most of his arts to pass the idea to the audience in most of his works. In designing a magazine, for example, the Oprah magazine, Herbert would employ the use of lines on the magazine to enable him to organize the content of the magazine and pass the appealing message to the audience with ease. Lines in design help in reading through the message of the designer. Hence, Herbert would use these lines to textualize the message, guide the reader’s eye, organize, make statement clear thus convey meaning universally to the target group of the audience (Eskilson 2007, p. 265).

Herbert like using shapes in most of his arts, in designing the magazine this would be his greatest point of focus to pass his message.

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