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 Select a primary communication context (e.g., interpersonal communication.) that is reflected in a particular film/video of your choosing. Also, you will use several, specific terms (e.g., kinesics, proxemics, ethnocentrism, self-disclosure, relational dialectics, reflected appraisal, etc.) that are related to your communication context. An ″A″ (90-100) response will have at least 5-7 distinct comm course concepts with precise application and examples from the clip. Conduct scholarly research in order to fully understand your chosen context. In other words, you will find two journal articles (academic peer reviewed articles – see Exercise #3) and use your textbook (or lecture slides) to help you understand and apply course terms in this assignment. You could use the same academic peer reviewed article from Exercise #3 again for this assignment. Please provide an APA citation of your academic source as in references. You will define and explain the terms, and analyze how they are presented in the film. That is, you′ll have to define each concept that you use and then present your application and observations (See samples Here: Comm101-Paper Excerpt Sample download). After each defining you′ll cite the book even when using lecture notes which is from your text book. From the research articles you′ll also bring in new information and cite the research article. Start your response by: 1. Briefly summarize the clip or interaction under analysis (up to 5 sentences). For example: a.Begin with a few general statements about ideas relevant to your paper, such as a few statements about communication, relationships, conflict, public speaking, organizations, etc. Whatever your paper’s topic, lead into it for the reader. b.Indicate the film or the episode that you will analyze. c. Next, clearly explain your goals for this paper. In other words, what is this paper’s thesis? What is the purpose of this paper? What will it accomplish? What will your paper explain and illustrate about the communication seen in this film. End your introduction with a preview of the main points of your paper. Your main points will be the terms that you will apply and analyze in the film. Then: 2. Define and explain one or several concepts that you observe in the clip (you could do this one at a time following this pattern: define concept 1 then example from clip; define concept 2 then example from clip; etc). As you define your concepts, be sure to cite evidence (quote) from your textbook and your journal articles. Please note, you must provide a definition for every concept you use. This should not be difficult, you have your lecture notes and the textbook. Provide the definition and cite the book like this (Wood, 2013). 3. Make sure you thoroughly describe how the concept is demonstrated in your clip (this is the example from the clip part from the above mentioned pattern). For example, here is where you explain how the characters in your film/clip demonstrate “autonomy vs connection” “kinesics” “direct definition” or some other course concept. Be sure to provide distinct examples from the clip, and be sure to explain yourself fully. This becomes your analysis of their communication. 4. Cite your academic articles in APA format in references. That is provide in one line at the end of your paper.