Chipotle executive summary | Education homework help

The executive summary should be a brief introduction to your marketing proposal and highlight the sections that will be found in greater detail later in your proposal. You want to grab the reader’s attention and get them interested to read further. Unsure what an executive summary is? Start by reviewing the Harvard Business Review monthly publications; each article typically has an executive summary. The executive summary should include the following sections: -Product/Service: describe your brand’s product and its unique features. Also, why/how is your brand considered a “millennial targeted brand.” -Research Problem and Objectives: briefly introduce the problem and marketing objectives. -Market: introduce the market and what are the advantages of pursuing this market. Discuss how you will reintroduce your brand’s product to them in order to gain market acceptance. -Competition: introduce your brand’s competition. -Funding Request: how much money you are requesting to fulfill the outcomes your company is proposing.