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International versus U.S. Accounting Standards

For this assignment, you will research and compare international and U.S. accounting standards. This will enable you to see how the different reporting methods affect business and how product costs are affected by international business.The learning objectives of this report are as follows:

  1. Compare and contrast basic U.S. and international financial accounting standards.
  2. Explain how key international factors affect business reporting.
  3. Identify key compliance and regulatory requirements.

Using the  Unit IV Research Report Template , prepare a four- to five-page written report with at least three scholarly sources covering the items listed below.


Part 1: Select financial statements for two related (e.g., computer manufactures, pharmaceutical companies, cell phone companies, etc.) businesses; one that uses U.S. accounting reporting and the other that uses international accounting reporting. Identify the following items:

  • Provide the name, location, and accounting standards used for each business.
  • Compare and contrast three major differences you see in the way the financial data is presented on the financial statements.
  • Identify which set of financial statements you think is the easiest to understand and provides you with most accurate cost data as a manager. (Do not forget to look at the notes to the financial statements also.)

Part 2: Analyze and discuss three international factors you think would affect the cost of the products made at the companies you selected and why.
Part 3: Discuss any compliance and/or regulatory issues you think would be involved in the companies you have selected as they relate to the cost of the products made. For example, are there strict regulations on product pricing, tariffs imposed on raw materials needed to make the products, or strict regulations on the wages paid to workers?

Conclusion and Recommendations

Be sure to use APA formatting throughout and reach out to the Writing Center or the Library for assistance with research, writing, and formatting. Include at least two of your scholarly resources from the CSU Online Library in your report.

Discussion forum 5.2: working thesis statements

The purpose of this forum is to help you develop a strong working thesis on which to base your research for this week’s Response Paper 3, which then helps you get a jump start on research for your Research Paper due in week 7. After carefully reviewing directions for Response Paper 3, and the “Analyzing Literature and Evaluating Sources” files in week 5’s online learning resources, it’s time to begin discussion. 

1. First, review the list of texts that you can choose from for this upcoming annotated bibliography assignment (remember, the ENG 102 reading list is visible in the course Syllabus, in the Course Schedule section, and the Research Paper Guidelines are in Course Resources above week 1). You can write on 1-2 works, and no more than 3, for the research paper. 

2. In your main post, begin by writing the sentences below and filling in the blanks:

  • The text(s) that we have read in this class that I will use for my paper is/are: _______________ (you can include up to three)
  • I will use the __________critical reading strategy to help me analyze the text. 
  • The claim I want to make about that work(s) is: _____________.

3. THEN, combine all of that information into a SINGLE sentence, which will also be posted in your main post.  This will be the working thesis for your Research Paper. It may look something like this:

Using the psychological strategy to analyze “Soldier’s Home” by Ernest Hemingway demonstrates that his purpose in writing the text was to help other soldiers learn to cope with the effects of their time spent at war. 

Here’s another example where the strategy is not directly mentioned in the thesis–this is the more refined and advanced option: 

In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the character of Jay Gatsby to show that obsession with material wealth and social elevation can ultimately lead to personal destruction. 

So, for this Gatsby thesis, the writer might use a Marxist lens to assist in analysis, since the focus is on money/class.

Note: for the incorporation of the critical reading strategy, try to think of it in terms of how you are using it, not how the author is using it (since most don’t, at least not on purpose).

***You may not use the sample Hemingway thesis/argument above for your paper. Meaning, do not submit a version of that argument/thesis.  

Come up with your own unique argument for analysis!

In your further discussions, provide the following responses to classmates’ posts:  

  • Comment on your classmates’ ideas- can you think of any suggestions to write their thesis in a way that makes it more focused, debatable, or appropriate for analysis?
  • Is there another reading from class that the student could add that you think might improve upon their original idea? Why or why not? 
  • Is there a different critical strategy that the student could use that would perhaps better address their idea? If so, what is it and why?  
  • Find and post a link for online resources that can provide classmates with help with crafting thesis statements.
  • If necessary, reply with a new working thesis statement if your original idea needed improvement. 

Finally, please be sure to check for my feedback in this forum, specifically to see if I ask you to revise your thesis statement. You would want to do this before moving forward with your Annotated Bib. 


I  want to take some to clarify some information about the items related to proposing your topic. Keep in mind that for this thread, you are not writing the whole paper now–you are only presenting the argument you will later base the paper on. 

So, let’s take a look at what to include:  First, you need to decide on the author/work you will analyze.  Per directions, choose at least one work we’ve read in class so far, or that we will read. This does NOT mean any story or work from the textbook–it means any text that we are specifically reading/have read/will read. Check the course schedule to see the full breakdown of our readings.  Review the different selections we’ve read/will read/are reading, and then, make your selection. Keep in mind that if you are only going to work with one text, you need to choose a work that we are actively engaging in and with.  That said, you can work with up to three texts by an author, if you choose (though I don’t encourage this option). If you go this route, you would still need to include at least one of the author’s texts that we’ve read in class. Also, if you choose this route, you need to be careful to avoid giving an author biography, or general summary of the works, as neither of those meet the requirement of the upcoming essay.  After you choose your author and the work you will focus on, you need to come up with an argument about the piece.  Your research paper should be an analytical (analysis) essay that makes a specific, unique claim about one of the course readings. The claim should be made by applying specific schools of literary criticism from the “Critical Strategies for Reading” section of our textbook. So, that means that the argument will be based on the use of one of those critical reading strategies.  Since this essay is literary analysis with research included, the argument itself needs to be about the work in question, not just about the topic you’re focusing on (war, love, etc.) or the author of the work (background on Faulkner, for instance). It must be about the piece/story itself, as analyzed with the specific strategy. When doing that sort of analysis, we should always aim to include specific components of the work, such as plot, character, or theme, which can help us prove our argument as grounded in the text.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the argument/thesis must be debatable–it cannot state something known or obvious, and it shouldn’t be vague:  “‘Soldier’s Home’ is a story about a young man named Krebs who comes home from War and is depressed” would not be an effective thesis. It only describes something that is known; it doesn’t present an argument about the text that someone might disagree with.  As a general note about thesis statements, we should recall from past classes that they are usually one sentence (sometimes two) in length–they are not paragraphs long.

5 levels of leadership by john.c.maxwell


You should include the following information:

  • 1. The title and a brief introduction of your selected leadership book (similar to an abstract)
  • 2. Background information on the author(s)
  • 3. A description of the major theme of the book
  • 4. An explanation as to your interest in selecting this particular book for your leadership book review
  • 5. Describe the main theories and principles (at least five) presented in the book
  • 6. How each of the theories and principals presented in the book directly relate to being a leader
  • 7. Show how the theories and principals presented in the book relate to specific leadership standards
  • 8. Explain how each of the theories and principles presented in the book directly relate to your development as a leader
  • 9. Closing comments to summarize the theories and principals presented in the book
  • 10. Your critique of the book as it relates to developing leaders
  • 11. How could the information you gained through reviewing this book on leadership enhance your knowledge base and development as a leader
  • 12. Why or why would you recommend this book to your fellow class members

Organization of the Presentation:

  • 1. Concise in presentation
  • 2. Sections are clearly identified
  • 3. Include an agenda slide
  • 4. 10-12 slides
  • 5. No grammar, spelling, punctuation, or typing errors

Gender | Philosophy homework help

Why is it important to study gender and communication and gendered communication in our contemporary times? Use the book, but also explain in your own words or experience why it might be important.

Pick an example from the book as well as an example from outside the book and explain why you think it is useful to analyze the communication from a gendered perspective. 

Summarize the four principles of this book.

Use the book to support your claims/answers. 

The textbook we will follow Palczewski C. H., DeFrancisco, V. P., and D. McGeough (2019). Gender in Communication: A critical introduction (3nd edition). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. will be available on Canvas for free

A-1 car rental with regression



A-1 Car Rental is one of the two car rental agencies serving a small regional airport in the U.S. Midwest. Forty per cent (40%) of its customers are airline passengers and the remaining sixty per cent (60%) are dwellers of the small nearby college town who use rental cars for business and leisure trips. The airport is within two miles from campus and approximately six miles from the city center. It is easy to reach by car, taxi, or city bus.

You are a manager of A-1 Car Rental. Your fleet consists of 72 cars, of which 47 fall into the “economy” class and 25 in the “luxury” class. Whenever demand for cars in some class exceeds the number of cars available, additional vehicles can be delivered from the nearest company hub in the state capital 70 miles away. Alternatively, some customers unable to rent an economy-class car may be upgraded to a luxury-class car at no extra cost to them.

Your only competitor at this location has a more sophisticated system of car category tiers, which consist of Compact, Economy, Mid-size, and Large cars.


In order to better understand your unit’s operating environment, you are asked to provide an estimate of the demand equation that would account for various factors that affect your customer traffic. Estimating the demand equation is useful for future analysis of your unit’s performance.

Review the data file that your staff has put together for this analysis and identify which variables you would like to include in your demand function. For each variable you choose to include, provide reasons why you expect it to be important for your analysis. Also explain the expected sign of the relationship between the proposed independent variable and the dependent variable.

Estimate the demand function for A-1 Car Rental using regression techniques. Make sure you include an interpretation of all coefficients of your estimated demand function.

Submit a report (Word document) and your analysis (Excel file) for grading.

Writing assignment: young goodman : due in 16 hours


Writing Assignment: Young Goodman Brown 

Assignment: Read the short story Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne. In 500 words and at least 5 paragraphs (should consist of an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion), identify some major and minor characters in the short story. What role did they play in changing Goodman Brown’s character and personality near the end of the story? Did the environment influence play a role in Goodman’s personality?

Use quotations and examples from the story to explain.

Use MLA style to document a passage. You are to double space, use Times New Roman; indent each paragraph; use at least 12-inch font; be sure to include Works Cited page at the end.

Excel case study | Accounting homework help

I have uploaded an excel file that is the assignment you are to work on.

Also I have uploaded a word document that contains videos and hints about how to solve the excel file, I included a few pictures of the excel financial functions that you are expected to use while solving the excel file. 

Reflection on financial health | Human Resource Management homework help

Reflection on Financial Health

Many people find managing their money a difficult task. Their use of credit cards and loans early in their adult years can prevent them from acquiring financial health in their lifetime. It is tempting to spend money you have not yet acquired once you are no longer a student trying to make ends meet.

Be sure to complete the learning content for the Unit 7  topic “Financial Health” and the two referenced activities before attempting to engage in this discussion.

Note: To view the content for an already completed topic, double click on the topic’s circle in the learning map. A new page will appear. Under the Actions area select review from the drop-down options; this will open the topic with content. The practice and quick practice options only offer questions.


  • Complete the two financial health activities (The True Cost of a New Car and  The True Cost of Credit Card Use) presented in Unit 7 Topic “Financial Health” related to spending money you do not have.
  • Share your experience with “The True Cost of a New Car” activity with your peers
    • Change the size of the loan, years to pay it back, and the interest rate three (3) to four (4) times.
      • Start with the lowest loan amount you might need for your new care and increase by $5000 to $10000 each turn.
      • Start with a 3% loan (entered as .03) and increase by one (1) or two (2) percent each turn.
      • In each case choose between 5 and 7 years to pay it back.
    • Describe one of the monthly payments you would have to make based on your selections.
      • Loan amount?
      • Interest rate?
      • Years to pay it back?
      • Monthly payment?
      • Total car cost?
    • Discuss the potential impact a car payment of that size might have on your monthly budget.
      • Describe the other monthly expenses you would have to remove or reduce to make your payments.
      • Why Is or isn’t the car worth the sacrifices you might have to make given the size of the monthly payments?
    • What other options do you have to avoid taking out a car loan?
  • Share your experience with ” The True Cost of Credit Card Use” activity with your peers
    • Consider the following scenario:
      • You spend an extra $50 a month using a credit card for the first year after graduation to make ends meet.
      • The interest rate charged by the credit card company is 18%.
      • The minimum payment you are required to send each month is $20.
    • Now consider the real cost of that $50 dollars a month by the end of that first year provided to you in the exercise.
      • How might the continued use of a credit card to fund an extra $50 of spending per month affect your long-term financial health?
      • Describe two ways you could avoid the long-term consequences of spending more than you have on a regular basis.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

The post and responses are valued at 40 points. Please review post and response expectations. Please review the rubric to ensure that your response meets criteria.

Labor unions | Human Resource Management homework help

  1. In U.S. politics the Democratic party has generally been more supportive of labor unions than the Republican party. Explain why it makes sense that the Wagner Act was sponsored by a Democrat, the Taft-Hartley Act by two Republicans, and the Landrum-Griffin Act by one of each.
  2. In both the private and public sectors, a sharp increase in union membership coincides with the passage of protective legislation. A longstanding debate is whether increased demand for unionization causes new legislation or vice versa. Explain how causality can work in both directions. In which direction is labor law more important? Which direction do you think is more realistic?
  3. Employees might respond to workplace injustice in one of five ways: quitting, individual voice (such as complaining), collective voice (including forming a union), resistance (including work withdrawal such as absenteeism, reduced work effort, and work avoidance, or perhaps even sabotage), and silence. How might union strategies, managerial strategies, and the external environment shape which response an individual worker chooses? What else might affect whether workplace injustice causes an individual to support a labor union over the other options for dealing with injustice?
  4. Describe the pros and cons of union mergers for (a) two unions that represent workers in the same industry, and (b) two unions that represent workers in different industries. Should U.S. law encourage, discourage, or remain neutral on union mergers?

Four questions with credible references.  Minimum of 4 pages.

Wk 2-2 jd | Psychology homework help

Reply to:


Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, is something a person experiences such as fear and anxiety, for a long time after the traumatic event. This typically comes after someone experiences tragic event while in the military, a car or vehicle accident, sexual assault, illnesses or disasters. Some of the symptoms taking place are worry, anger, depression, flashbacks to the traumatic event, detaching from others and intrusive thoughts. (Comer & Comer, 2021). These symptoms last for at least month if not years after the event. Treatment for those experiencing PTSD are the use of antidepressants, cognitive-behavioral therapy and group therapy. All of which help the individual to work through the experience and to build upon ways to counteract their thoughts.

Disassociate identity disorder, DID, is where an individual has two or more distinct personalities. Typically this disorder can be seen through the transition stage or switching, which can be sudden or dramatic. (Comer & Comer, 2021). Those who are experiencing DID, have had traumatic events in their life such as sexual assault or a disaster, which cause them to create other personalities to help cope with it. These personalities typically do not know the others memories, thoughts, feelings or behaviors. The most common way to treat someone with DID, is to help them recognize their disorder, recover memories, and integrate the subpersonalities. (Comer & Comer, 2021). Like PTSD, DID is also treated through drug therapy, group therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy.