Adapting resources for learners | Education homework help


Visualize yourself as a teacher/tutor and respond to the following questions. Do research please. 

3 QUESTION Show how you have adapted resources to meet the needs of the learners. GUIDANCE Complete a session sheet to demonstrate how you have adapted resources to meet the needs of your learners. Provide as much detail as possible including how you adapted the resources and the reasons for doing this. Was this beneficial for the learner? Minimum of 150 words. 4 QUESTION Demonstrate how you have observed and reported on learner participation and progress GUIDANCE Part of your role in supporting learning activities is to observe and report on the learners progress and participation. You will need to supply practical evidence showing how you have supported this. Complete a session sheet that shows how you have: • Applied skills and techniques for monitoring learners’ response to learning activities • Assessed how well learners are participating in activities and the progress they are making • Recorded observations and assessments of learner participation and progress in the required format • provided feedback to the learners on the progress they have made. Remember to include specific detail for instance what skills and techniques you used, the methods you used to assess the learners and how you recorded this. In addition to the session sheet please provided a copy of your observation/report ensuring you maintain confidentiality. Your session sheet should be a minimum of 150 words. 5 QUESTION Use the outcome of observations and assessments to provide feedback to the teacher GUIDANCE When you have supported learning activities and observations and assessments you will need to provide the teacher with feedback. This could be verbal or written. Complete a session sheet to show how you have provided feedback to your teacher on: • The learning activities • The learner’s participation and progress. A minimum of 150 words should be used on your session sheet and remember to get this signed by your mentor. 6 QUESTION Use the outcome of observations and assessments to reflect on and improve your own practice. GUIDANCE Consider the learning activities you have supported in question 1 and 4 and explain how you could improve your practice. What do you think went well? What didn’t go so well? What could you improve on for next time? Use a minimum of 100 words.